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About the University Imaging Centers

The University Imaging Centers (UIC) compose a network of core imaging facility locations for advanced optical imaging and basic electron microscopy located within the AHC/Medical School (1-151 Jackson Hall and 1-220 Cancer Cardiovascular Research Building, Minneapolis) and College of Biological Sciences (23 Snyder Hall, St. Paul) on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus. The UIC is also a Nikon Center of Excellence.

The UIC cores serve internal and external research clients in the design of imaging experiments, choice of and training on suitable imaging systems, and subsequent image processing, visualization and analysis. The UIC provides more than two dozen advanced imaging systems including: N-SIM super resolution microcsopy; macro spectral confocal microscopy; wide-field light and fluorescence microscopy;  spinning disk confocal; four (4) laser-scanning confocal microscopes; two multi-photon/Second Harmonic Generation microscopes; total internal reflectance microscope (TIRF); laser capture micro-dissection; several live cell imaging systems; scanning and transmission electron microscopy; whole animal fluorescence, bioluminescence, chemiluminescence and X-ray imagers;  gel, print and film scanners; poster printers; full sample preparation capabilities; along with 5 full-time and 3 part-time experienced staff members.

UIC continues expanding in the areas of automated image acquisition, live-cell / live-animal imaging (intravital) and super resolution microscopy.

We operate on the following fundamental mission goals:

  • Maximize the availability of advanced imaging technologies and methodologies to faculty, staff, students and external users.
  • Bring expertise in new imaging technologies to users.
  • Educate the University community about new imaging technologies.
  • Promote interaction between developers of new imaging technology and potential users.

The UIC is a Nikon Center of Excellence (NCE).  Nikon recognizes the UIC as a state-of-the-art microscopy resouce that is mutually beneficial for both the University and Nikon.  As a Nikon Center of Excellence, the UIC makes cutting-edge imaging tools accessible to the local scientific community and also serve as a platform for the free exchange of ideas, methodologies, and technologies between investigators and Nikon toward the mutual goals of advancing research and developing novel technologies.  Nikon firmly believes that these types of partnerships between Academia and Industry are critically important for the rapid advancement of science and technology.   

Here is a list of the UIC instruments and usage.


Here is the UIC Organizational Chart



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