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Data Management


NAS UIC Transfer Server - an easy way to move files- NOT store them.

To connect to our UIC transfer server please follow the directions for your OS.

OSX (MAC): From Finder select "Go" in the menu bar then select "Connect to Server.." in the drop down menu. Enter the server address,, and click connect. Connect as a Registered User with the Name: user and Password: transfer.

Windows (PC): From Windows Explorer select "Tools" from the menu bar then select "Map network device..." in the drop down menu. Enter the server address, \\\user, check "Connect using different credentials" and click Finish. Connect to the server using the Username: user and the Password: transfer

Place all data (folders or files) within the folder named "User Data Goes Here".


If you are not using the University network you will need to connect via VPN to access our server:


The UIC provides drive space on our Transfer Server ( so that users of the facility have a method to transfer files from our equipment to other computers or off line storage devices. The purpose of the space is not for long-term storage of your data. Please remove your files from the local computer and the server as soon as possible so that others can use the space. Files left on the server for over 30 days will be deleted. If you need longer-term storage or assistance in transferring to removable media, please contact UIC staff to make arrangements. Thank you.    


Google Drive: