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Equipment Reservation

Reserving Equipment at the University Imaging Centers

This page contains information on reserving instruments at the University Imaging Center faciltiies.

If you publish work supported by the UIC, e.g. by using one or more of our microscopes or support for image or data analysis, it is obligatory to include a sentence in the acknowledgement in addition to any personal acknowledgement. For example:

We thank the University Imaging Centers at the University of Minnesota for support.


Returning Users:

iLab Login Link:



Booking Equipment

  • All users must be trained by the UIC staff prior to the initial use of the instrument. Training Request Form.
  • Users must observe the rules for using the facility
  • There are fees for using the UIC resources
  • Microscopes are available to trained users 24/7 with the following limits:
  • You will be billed for the time you spend on the instrument. If your usage time exceeds your reservation you will be billed for the usage. Should your reservation exceed your usage time charges still apply for the time you've blocked off on the calendar. 


All University Imaging Centers users must create an iLab account.

Your iLab account will allow you to log on to UIC instruments, reserve time on our calendars, request imaging services, and keep track of your usage.

A PDF version of the instructions below can be downloaded here.


Forget your password? Click the link below to reset it.

iLab Account Password reset.


UMN ID Integration

On March 20th, 2017 UMN users will have the ability to log into the iLab software with their UMN internet ID.

This integration means UMN isers will be able to register and login to iLab using their UMN ID.

These changes will not remove the current method of logging in. You may still use your current iLab login if you choose. Both options are presented to users via the new login screen.

IMPORTANT: All UMN ID users will need to setup a second unique password in order to login to instruments at the University Imaging Center facilities. Setting up your password is simple and quick. Please refer to the instructions below.


Instrument Login Password Setup:

1. Click 'here' in the yellow alert banner at the top of your screen to set your instrument password.

2. Enter in a password of your choosing. This password may be the same as your UMN password. Click 'Change Password' to complete the update.

3. Once you have finished setting up your password the effect is immediate. You will now be able to log into instruments at UIC facilities be netering your full UMN email address and the password you have created.


Instructions for Active Users with UMN IDs:

Users with existing iLab accounts (prior to January 25th, 2017) have had their UMN ID automatically connected to their existing iLab account. This means you will be able to sign in using your UMN ID and immediately resume use of the iLab calendaring system.

1. You have a new iLab URL to access the UMN cores. Go to

2. Under "Internal UMN User", click on the "here" link. This takes you to your UMN login page.

3. Log in with your UMN Internet ID. You will be taken into the iLab site.

4. Click on the "list all cores" link on the left panel to view all cores active in iLab. You may click on any core link to access the core.

5. Click on the "my reservations" link on the left panel to view your past and future reservations for all equipment calendars.

6. Click on your "home" link on the left panel to see any pending actions that require your attention on service requests to any core at UMN.


Instructions for New UMN Users:

UMN users that have not logged into the iLab software before will be required to select their PI the first time they log in. You will use your UMN ID to log in and then the software will ask you to select your PI from a drop-down list. Select your pI and submit. Your PI will receive an email asking them to approve you into the lab in the iLab software.


1. Go to

2. Under "Internal UMN User", click on the "here" link. This takes you to your UMN login page.

3. Log in with your UMN Internet ID. You will be taken into the iLab site to register.

4. On the registration page you're asked to select your PI in the drop down list. If you do not see your PI, please contact or notify UIC Staff.

5. After selecting your PI, your PI will receive a notification from iLab to accept you into the lab and assign you a fund number. You cannot access iLab site until your PI has provided you access to the lab. Your PI must log in, click on "my labs" on the left panel, and then accept you into the lab. You will receive a notification when your PI has approved you into the lab.

6. Once you have access, go to and follow the instructions above to log in. Log in with your UMN ID. You may click on the "list all cores" link on the left panel to view all cores active in iLab. You may click on any core link to access the core.


For detailed information, please use the following tutorials and manuals:

Home Page Tutorial

Equipment Scheduling Tutorial

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please use the 'leave feedback' link in the upper right hand corner once you are logged in. Alternatively, you can email iLab Solutions at You can also contact Alex Cramer, Guillermo Marques or Mark Sanders for assistance.