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Equipment Reservation

Reserving Equipment at the University Imaging Centers

  • All users must be trained by the UIC staff prior to the initial use of the instrument. Training Request Form.
  • Users must observe the rules for using the facility
  • There are fees for using the UIC resources
  • Microscopes are available to trained users 24/7 with the following limits:
    • You will be billed for the maximum time between reserved time and actual logged time.
    • If your usage time exceeds your reservation you will be billed for the usage.
    • Should your reservation exceed your usage time charges still apply for the time you've blocked off on the calendar. 

Returning Users:

UMN iLab Login Link:

Forget your password? Click the link below to reset it.

iLab Account Password reset.


Instructions for New UMN Users:

Please read completely to setup your account AND instrument login password.

1. Go to

2. Sign in using your UMN Credentials.


3. Log in with your UMN Internet ID. You will be taken into the iLab site to register.



4. On the registration page you're asked to select your PI in the drop down list. If you do not see your PI, please contact Alex Cramer (

5. After selecting your PI, your PI will receive a notification from iLab to accept you into the lab and assign you a fund number. You cannot access the iLab site until your PI or UIC staff has approved your access to the lab. Your PI must log in, click on "my labs" on the left panel, and then accept you into the lab. You will receive a notification when your PI has approved you into the lab.

6. Once you have access, go to and follow the instructions above to log in. Log in with your UMN ID. You may click on the "list all cores" link on the left panel to view all cores active in iLab. You may click on any core link to access the core.


IMPORTANT: Instrument Login Password Setup:

You must have already created an iLab account to setup your instrument login password.

  1. Login using your UMN credentials.
  2. In the top left hand corner Click the 3 white bars to open the menu. Click "Core Facilities".
  3. Click 'University Imaging Centers'.
  4. On the UIC iLab Homepage an alert will popup in the top right corner to setup your instrument login password.
    • Note: If the pop-up dissapears refresh the page and it will appear again.
  5. Click 'here'.
  6. Enter a password of your choosing. Click 'Save' to finish that password setup. Your new password will instantly work to login to UIC instruments.


Questions about setting up your account or instrument login password? Contact Alex Cramer.