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Facility Access


All University Imaging Centers locations are access controlled with card readers. Access may be granted to those seeking time on our equipment outside standard hours of operation.

Each trained user that requires access must have an authorized U Card.

Prior to being granted access, all training and facility specific requirements must be completed.

Training Requirements:

  • To use any of the University Imaging Centers resources you MUST be trained by UIC staff. 
  • If you have not yet been trained please submit a training request.

Loss of Access:

Access may be revoked for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to follow core policies.
  • Do not use the U Card within a year.
  • Leave the University.
  • Your P.I. requests it.
  • Change of P.I.

 If your U Card has been de-activated for one of the above reasons, you will need to request access again with all current information.

Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (CCRB)

The UIC CRB 1-220 is general access to all Biomedical Discovery District Labs.

Access Contacts:

The following are contacts for each of the UIC CCRB Spaces. Please include the required information below.

  1. 1-250/1-260 Small Animal Imaging & µPET/CT: Jason Mitchell
  2. 1-220 Microscopy: Alex Cramer

Required Information:

Read more about U Card components here.

  • The U Card number is a 17-digiit number; only the last 11-digits need to be submitted.
  • You'll also need your Smart Card # which is located on the back side of your U Card.
  • Small Animal & PET/CT Imaging will require additional training and documentation. Contact UIC Staff for more information.

Jackson Hall (JH)

Please read all requirements before submitting your request.

  1. You are required to pass the on-line radiation safety and blood borne pathogen training modules before gaining access through the 5th floor skyway (not needed for UIC access only).
  2. Please go to Research Building Management Services Online Request Form if your U Card has not been activated for either 717 Delaware, Jackson, MBB, MCB, NHH, or TRF/LRB and fill out the on-line access request..
  3. An audit is usually done once a year and may be asked to verify access.
  4. If your card has been de-activated for no reason, go to one of the RBMS building info desks to have it re-activated.
  5. Please remember to notify UIC when you no longer need access or leave the U of M.
Please e-mail Guillermo Marques the following information to request UIC access:
  • Principal Investigator Name (P.I.).
  • Building your lab is located.
  • Your Name (as written on your card).
  • Student/Staff I.D. Number (first number on U Card).
  • U Card Number (last 11 digits following 60XXXX from the second number on card).
  • Smart Card Number (first 5-6 yellow number on back of card by magnetic strip if there).
  • An e-mail address is required for all individuals requesting access.
  • Department.
  • Indicate if you have u-card access to 717 Delaware, CCRB, Jackson, MCB, NHH, TRF/LRB, or WMBB.
  • IACUC Protocol Number (if requesting access to the UIC Biosafety Area).
Indicate what access you need:
  • U-card access to UIC (Lab only)
  • U-card access through 5th floor skyway between Jackson and NHH for animal transport.
  • Key code access to UIC Biosafety Area (Animal In Vivo Imaging or Multiphoton Confocal)
    • Note: Remember to supply an IACUC protocol number for access to the UIC Biosafety Area. 
    • Supply a 4-6 digit number you would like to use for your key code.      
The process will take 1-3 days. Contact UIC Staff if you do not have access beyond that period.

Snyder Hall (SH)

  • Download the After Hours Access Form, fill it out, and return it to a UIC Snyder Hall staff member.
  • Questions regarding after hours access may be directed towards Alex Cramer.