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Implementation of Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscope

The 2017 Research Infrastructure Investment Program has awarded the University Imaging Centers funding for a new light-sheet fluorescence microscope (LSFM).

The state-of-the-art fluorescence microscope that will permit three-dimensional imaging of biological and biomedical specimens with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. This equipment will serve the growing group of researchers in the College of Biological Sciences, AHC/Medical School and the College of Science and Engineering departments studying developmental, disease, agin and regenerative processes in a variety of model tissues (brain, heart, tumor and organoids) and organisms (mouse, zebrafish, plants, nemotodes, and fly) whose research will be greatly enahanced by the ability to conduct three-dimensional tissue imaging. It will also serve scientists located in the neighboring units of Stem Cell Institute, Institute for Translational Neuroscience, Agriculture Experiment Station, Lillehei Heart Institute, and the Cancer Center. This instrument and expertise will signficantly improve basic research programs aimed at understanding systems in development and regeneration in plants and animals, cell-cell signaling, cardiac rhythms, and neurobiology.