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Instrument and Sample Preparation Protocols

Specimen Preparation

  • Adhering suspended samples onto coverslips pdf
  • Coating coverslips with poly-lysine for cell culture pdf
  • Embedding of cell monolayers pdf
  • Embedding of cells in suspension pdf
  • Embedding of tissue samples pdf
  • Embedding of yeast in spurr resin pdf
  • Immunolabelling of LR white-gold sections pdf
  • Immunolabelling of ultrathin cryosections pdf
  • Preparation of cryosamples pdf
  • Immunofluorescence Mountant pdf
  • Blocking buffer for Immuno LM and EM pdf
  • Correlative LM/EM probes (Tsien Youtube video)

Microwave Protocols

  • The Use of Microwave for in vivo DNA Staining of Living Biological Samples pdf
  • Protocol of Microwave-assisted Immuno-labeling pdf
  • Protocol for Microwave-assisted TDE clearing pdf
  • Protocol for Microwave-assisted EM embedding pdf