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Mathematics and Optics

There is important and growing activity at the nexus of the mathematical and optical sciences. Driven by sophisticated current and envisioned technologies that rely on optics (e.g., communication systems, imaging, sensing, and computation) and experimental advances in materials science and nanostructure fabrication, there is a growing need for mathematical tools, both computational and analytical. The yearlong IMA program in Mathematics and Optics will bring together applied mathematicians, physical scientists and engineers to confront challenging problems arising in optics. It is anticipated that they will report on latest developments, interact and chart a future research agenda. Workshops will be designed around important areas of application where applied and computational mathematics has a large role to play. There will be four research areas covered during the year, with computation acting as a key enabler. These are:

  1. Optical metamaterials and nanostructures
  2. Photonic bandgap structures
  3. Optimal design and control of optical devices
  4. Nonlinear phenomena in optics and electromagnetics

For more information including a schedule of Events please visit the Institute for Mathematics and its applications website!

30 Jun 2017 - 5:00pm