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Slide Scanning

High Resolution Digital Slide Scanning at 20X and 40x (0.80na) Brightfield

Interested in scanning? Contact Mark Sanders (

Are you interested in capturing multiple histology or IHC images from a microscope or stitching them to construct a full section image?  

The UIC can now scan whole slides for you at $15/ slide for 1" x 3" and $25 per slide for 2" x 3". Whole slide images are digitally accessible on computer monitors, and the benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • No need for your own microscope or time to collect – full slides scans are digitally available at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need them
  • Zoom in and out of digital slides to study regions of interest at a magnification of up to 40x.
  • Capture publication-ready images at desired magnification
  • Share data and annotation digitally over the Internet for presentations or peer reviews
  • Perform accurate and reproducible quantification and image analysis.

Check out these interactive examples:

1. Brightfield scan of multiple H&E stained tissues on 1x3" slide at 20X.

2. Brightfield scan of human tonsil tissue (H&E stained) at 20X.

Whole Slide Imaging with UIC Quality and Experience

Problems associated with image quality, such as unfocused regions and dust, are usually not identified until the data reach the user. At UIC, our dedicated staff will individually add focus points to ensure the entire section is fully focused. After scanning, we check the entire tissue of every publication-ready image to ensure it is crisp and clear.

Easy To Submit Slides and Get Images

Our turn-around time is typically less than 5 business days for volume less than 200 slides, and you will receive images via our Google Drive server. 40X magnification, custom image analysis and quantification are also available upon request. Shipping instruction is available upon request. Tell us more about your large project and we will promptly prepare a quote.

The slides can be dropped at any UIC location (the scanner is in 1-220 CCRB) and then picked up in 1-220 CCRB once scanned.  The turnaround time is dependent on the number of slides with an average of a 12-24 slides per day scan rate. There service is requested from  Please be sure the slides are clean, free from any excess mounting media and ready to image.

Need to Scan Large Areas by Fluorescence?

The UIC has motorized widefiled and confocal scopes at that can scan large areas of slides at magnifications from 1x to 100xoil.  Contact us for the best solution for your needs!

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