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The University Imaging Centers are Hiring

We are seeking a candidate who is a service-oriented team player with excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills who enjoys helping people. They should have a B.S degree (Graduate degree a plus) in biology, chemistry or biomedical imaging, be ready to help researchers with both trivial and advanced aspects of biological tissue/organ sample preparation and imaging projects. Experience in sample preparation (fixation, staining,antibody labeling), and advanced light microscopy is required and some experience with image analysis would be a strong plus. Experience with tissue clearing and/or labeling in conjunction with confocal and/or light sheet imaging would also be viewed favorably.

The successful candidate should be prepared to be in a dynamic multi-user environment whereby four basic areas of service must be covered: a) maximize the availability of advanced imaging technologies and methodologies to faculty, staff, students and external users, b) bring expertise in new imaging technologies to users, c) educate the University community about new imaging technologies, d) promote interaction between developers of new imaging technology and potential users.

For more information about the position please visit the UMN Job Posting.