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Waste Management

CCRB - Red Bag Waste Disposal

Please review the guidelines below in order to ensure the safe and efficient removal of waste from labs.

Red Bag Waste guidelines for CCRB are as follows:

  1. RED BAG WASTE needs to be double bagged.
  2. RED BAG WASTE needs to be a maximum of 15 pounds, an easy weight for staff to grab with one hand and hold away from the body while depositing into a cart for removal.
  3. RED BAG WASTE inner and outer bags need to be tied AND taped shut.
  4. RED BAG WASTE should then be placed in the LER Linear Equipment Room (equip hallways) outside immediate lab space. Please note that red bag waste is removed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only if there are biohazard containers available for FM custodial staff to fill.
  5. RED BAG WASTE will not be picked up or handled by custodial staff if the bag is punctured. Lab occupants will need to re-bag any waste from a bag that has been punctured. To avoid this, please dispose of pipettes and other materials that may cause puncture in a manner to avoid this.
  6. RED BAG WASTE should not include any glass items that should be disposed of in the proper Sharps container.
  7. RED BAG WASTE must be placed in secondary containment trays for pick up to collect any leaks. These containers are not supplied by RBMS, so labs will need to purchase their own.
  8. Many options for red bag purchasing may be found at UMarket such as: 14828335
  9. Many options for containment trays may be found at UMarket such as: cx18999, cx18998, cx18997
  10. Red Bag Waste is expensive to the University. Please be mindful to only bag Biohazard waste in red bags, not normal waste.

​Additionally, NORMAL WASTE should be disposed of mindfully. FM will need to be able to contain any waste within the garbage bag in the waste bin. If items are too large to be placed in the bin, they should be disposed of in a different manor.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding these Red Bag Waste guidelines. Together we can ensure the safe and efficient removal of all waste.

Please contact for additional information or concerns.


Additonal Protocols from The Department of Environmental Health & Safety

For more information including the latest policies and protocols please visit The Department of Environmental Health & Safety website.