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Hitachi S3500N Variable Pressure SEM

The Hitachi S3500N Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Quartz PCI digital imaging, Stage with motor driven X & Y axes, Environmental Secondary Electron Detector (ESED), Absorbed Electron EBIC detector, Robinson Backscattered Electron Detector (BSE), standard Secondary Electron Detector (SED), Infrared ChamberScope, Windows NT Operating System, Emitech K-1150 Cryogenic System, with cryo-prep unit, airlock interface to SEM, sputter coater.

Room 37D Snyder Hall

Phillips CM12 Transmission Electron Microscope

Philips CM12 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) with motor driven stage and SIA L3C Digital Camera. Includes EDAX Power MX ultra-thin window X-ray microanalysis system, electron diffraction system, super-VHS videotape with audio dub, Ethernet.

Room 37B Snyder Hall
The Electron Microscopy Transfer Server

Transfer server connection instructions:

OSX (MAC): From Finder select "Go" in the menu bar then select "Connect to Server.." in the drop down menu. Enter the server address, smb:// , and click connect. Connect as a Registered User with:
Name: transfer and Password: transfer
Windows (PC): From Windows Explorer select "Tools" from the menu bar then select "Map network device..." in the drop down menu. Enter the server address, \\\share1 , and click Finish. Connect to the server using :
Username: transfer and the Password: transfer
Room 23A Snyder Hall