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Hitachi S3500N Variable Pressure SEM

Equipment Type: 
UMN Rate: 
$45.00 Per Hour
Additional Rates: 
EDAX Available at $60.00 per hour Cryo Available at $65.00 per hour

The Hitachi S3500N Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Quartz PCI digital imaging, Stage with motor driven X & Y axes, Environmental Secondary Electron Detector (ESED), Absorbed Electron EBIC detector, Robinson Backscattered Electron Detector (BSE), standard Secondary Electron Detector (SED), Infrared ChamberScope, EDAX Phoenix x-ray microanalysis system with Super Ultra-thin window, 10mm Compact Detector Unit, Windows NT Operating System, elemental mapping, spectral processing, multi-point analysis, Hitachi Hi-Mouse software, Emitech K-1150 Cryogenic System, with cryo-prep unit, airlock interface to SEM, sputter coater.