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LMD6500 Laser Dissection Microscope

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$38.50 Per Hour
PDF icon LMD Start-up Instructions165.81 KB
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Laser microdissection uses a microscope to visualize individual cells or cell clusters. Regions of interest are selected by software, excised from the surrounding tissue by a laser, and collected for subsequent molecular analysis.

Researchers can selectively and routinely analyze regions of interest down to single cells from all kinds of tissues (cryo or paraffin sections 4-20 µm thick), even living cells from cell culture.  

Check out this training video using the LMD6500 on JOVE:

You have the abiltiy to de-paraffinize your slides on site.

LDM works best when using PEN membrane slides.  The membrane only fram slides are available in the LifeTechnolgy Supply Center on site or you can order them here:

The PEN membrane on glass slides are here:


Videos on the LDM technique can be found here: