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Nikon A1RMP Confocal

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$50.00 Per Hour
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Nikon A1RMP confocal is connected to an upright Nikon FN1 microscope featuring a Plan Apo LWD 25x water-immersion, NA 1.1 objective most suitable for imaging deep (it has a 2mm working distance) into a sample. In addition to conventional sample confocal imaging, a Spectra Physics 15W Mai Tai eHP tunable IR laser and 4 non-descanned detectors allow multiphoton visualization of multiple fluorophores located deep within a living specimen, including 405, 457, 488, 514, 561 and 637 nm laser lines for imaging/photoactivation/photoconversion. The system has both galvonomic and resonance scanners that can be used in concert simultaneously for photoactivation and MP imaging.   and the enhanced hybrid PMTs. An ASI piezo motorized stage can be used for tiling or multiple-position imaging. The system is located in 1-166B Jackson Hall.  The room is equipped with a 5’ BSC cabinet and anesthesia station designed for tissue and whole animal imaging.

The system is equipped with Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) detection.  SHG doesn't involve the excitation of molecules like other techniques such as fluorescence microscopy. See UIC staff for training and questions.


This instrument was funded in 2012 by the Minnesota Partnership in conjuction with the Mayo Clinic Foundation, Rochester, MN.