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Nikon A1Rsi Confocal w/ SIM Super Resolution

UMN Rate: 
$55.00 Per Hour



Nikon Ti-E Motorized Microscope: Features include Nikon’s patented PFS Perfect Focus III focus lock technology. LED Illumination systems for both transmitted and reflected light applications. New Lambda coat anti-reflective coated objectives at 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x, and 100x magnifications for DIC. Fluorescence accessories for widefield applications for DAPI, GFP, RFP, and Cy5. The Nikon Elements software has the JOBS package that can automate image collection for high content screening of plates.

·      A1R Confocal System

·      Laser Selection

405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm

·       A1R Scanner- Nikon's exclusive hybrid scanner allows flexible switching or simultaneous use of two galvo scanners (resonant and non-resonant) this allows ultrafast imaging and photo activation imaging required to unveil cell dynamics and interaction.

·      Detectors- Included are 4 channel GaSP detectors, transmitted, and 32 channel Si (Spectral) detectors.

·      SIM Structured Illumination System-Using high frequency Structured Illumination, the Nikon N-SIM can achieve image resolution of 85nm*, which was previously considered impossible with optical microscopes. Furthermore, with temporal resolution of up to 0.6 sec/frame**, N-SIM enables super resolution time-lapse imaging capture of dynamic molecular interactions in living cells. Learn more about the product here:

Pro: You can use the same dyes as you would for wide-field and confocal, it is relatively easy, it has the best chance of working with live specimens of any current super resolution modality.

Con: Resolution is only two-fold of wide-field, very sensitive to refractive index mismatch and out-of-focus light, processing can be slow

·      Laser Selection

405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm

·      A1/SIM Camera, Software and Workstation

Elements software and an Andor iXon camera complete the system and provide an easy to use customizable user interface to make the Nikon A1R/SIM system a turnkey live cell imaging system with multiple capabilities.