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Nikon Inverted TiE Deconvolution Microscope System with Ibidi Live Cell Environmental Chamber

Equipment Type: 
UMN Rate: 
35.00 Per Hour
Additional Rates: 
For continuous experiments longer than 4 hours, the rate is then 25% per hour for the remainder of the reservation.

Nikon TiE Automated Live Cell Inverted Microscope

Do you need: 

  • Multiple excitation channels?
  • A system configured for screening of plates and slides?
  • A hardware and software system for assay development (Nikon Elements and JOBS)?
  • Environmental control for live cell imaging?

Nikon Ti-E Motorized Microscope: Features include Nikon’s patented PFS Perfect Focus III focus lock technology. 100 Watt Illumination system for transmitted and LED reflected light applications. New Lambda coat anti-reflective coated objectives at 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x NAMC Contrast, 60x, and 100x DIC magnifications. Fluorescence accessories for widefield applications for DAPI, GFP, CFP, YFP, RFP and Cy5...and many others. Note: the 20x and 40x objective have correction collars that are adjusted for each user's plate or coverslip thickness.

Off-line Elements Deconvolutionand Workstation:  Elements software and an offline computer just outside the scope room in CCRB in available. It has Elements Deconvolution LIM2D/3D module complete the system and provide a customizable user interface to run deconvolution on entire batches of files making it extremely powerful and easy to use.

The 20x and 40x objectives on this scope can be adjusted for use with various thickness sample plates and slides.  Details on how to adjust these objectives with correction collars can be found here:

Fluorescence Illumination: A Lumencor SpectraX pulsed light engine provides excitation with minimize photobleaching/phototoxicity.


Learn more about live cell imaging reagents here:


 Ibidi Environmental Stage with CO2 and O2 regulation:

Dishes and chambered slides can be found here:

We also have the Braintree Scientific Automated Syringe pump to perfuse solutions! Holds 6 syringes up to 50cc.