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Olympus FluoView FV1000 IX2 Inverted Confocal with FLIM detector

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$50.00 Per Hour
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This system is equipped with pulsed 405 and 485 nm lasers for FLIM. FLIM is the acronym for "Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy" and is the technique that maps the spatial distribution of fluorescence lifetimes within microscopic images of fixed or living cells. The fluorescence lifetime measures the time that a population of fluorescent molecules spends in the excited state. The fluorescence lifetime does not change upon intensity variations and therefore lifetime measurements are not dependent on the local concentration of fluorophores, or variations in the optical path of the microscope, the local excitation light intensity, or on the local fluorescence detection efficiency.

The FLIM is a time domain system, and uses pulsed lasers at 405 and 488 nm. The detector on the system is a Hybrid GaAsP cathode with three possible emission filter setups - a 480/30nm band pass for CFP emission, a 460LP and a 525/50 nm bandpass filter for GFP.