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ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion Platform for Live Cell Microscopy

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UMN Rate: 
$25 flat fee (up to 24h) plus $80/dish (four samples)
Additional Rates: 
The UIC stocks a moderate supply of MS04S (mammalian cells), Y04C (yeast haploid cells), B04A (bacterial cells) and C04A (Chlamydomonas cells) plates. Users may purchase their own plates if other designs are desired (gradient, yeast diploid, open top,...). Please see Equipment Specs below.
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The ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion Platform delivers unprecedented control for live cell imaging experiments. This system is typically associated with our Zeiss Spinning Disk Live Cell Confocal Microscope. The system can all be used on the existing inverted microscope system in your lab to enable dynamic time-lapse experiments. See UIC staff for details.