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Panoptiq Digital Slide Imaging System

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$35.00 Per Hour



Panoptiqis an interactive digital imaging system for the dynamic, real-time creation of panoramic microscope images. Unlike WSI scanners, which stitch images in a predefined pattern until completion, Panoptiqallows the user to retain control of image creation and seamlessly stitch together multiple fields of view while scanning the sample using the microscope stage. A high-frame-rate CCD camera attached directly to the user's microscope captures and transmits images to a high-performance computer, where they are processed by intuitive Panoptiqsoftware.

Observe through the Z-axis

The Panoptiq™ Z module permits multi-focal and multi-objective slide review at regions of interest by allowing the user to capture Z-stacks and integrate them into digitally scanned slides. Contrary to conventional Z-stacking, which captures images at confined depth intervals, users of the add-on Z Module can rapidly capture the full range of focal depth as a high-frame-rate video with great precision. This extra Z dimension allows users to visualize the three dimensionality of structures and objects at different focal planes with respect to the slide environment.

Refocus the Image

Detect an out-of-focus area in the panoramic image? Just return to that portion of the slide and readjust the focus with your microscope - the software automatically detects a better focus and replaces the out-of-focus portion. The Panoptiq™ system preserves the best focus achieved on the panoramic image, even if the slide is observed again at a sub-optimal focus.