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iLab Scheduling Software has arrived!

Attention Users!
The OCF Scheduler has been phased out!
Please see the reservation page for details on how to create, or activate your iLab account for use at our facilities.

Super-Resolution is Here!

Temporal resolution of 0.6 sec/frame enables super-resolution time-lapse imaging of dynamic live cell events - Now in Jackson Hall

In structured illumination microscopy (SIM), the unknown cellular ultra-structure is elcidated by analyzing the moiré pattern produced when illuminating the specimen with a known high-frequency patterened illumination. Nikon's Structured Illumination Microscope (N-SIM) realizes super resolution of ~100 nm in multiple colors. In addition, it can continuously capture super-resolution images at a temporal resolution of 0.6 sec/frame, enabling the study of dynamic interactions in living cells.

Please contact Mark Sanders to setup your demo.