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The Microscopy & Cell Analysis Core at Mayo Clinic is Hiring!

The Microscopy & Cell Analysis Core at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN has two openings for electron microscopy technologists to support both clinical and research projects. The facility is expanding its hours of operation and is seeking two motivated individuals to assist with this transition.

The laboratory offers expertise to collaborative projects that involve transmission and scanning electron microscopy for both research and clinical investigators. The laboratory is well equipped with 4 transmission, 1 scanning electron microscope and an FE-SEM equipped with an ultramicrotome for serial block face imaging on the order. The core has a long history of excellent productivity and funding.

For more information and brief descriptions of the roles please click here!

THINK BIG! What we owe to the invention of the Microscope.


Early scientists wielded this revolutionary tool to study the invisible world of microbes.

Read more in the THINK BIG! series in Smithsonian magazine.

UMN ID Integration with iLab

On Monday, March 20th the UMN ID iLab integration will be activated at the University of Minnesota.

The UIC is excited to take another step towards streamlining our services for the UMN research community.

This integration means UMN users will be able to log into iLab using their UMN ID. Click here for instructions detailing how to log in for both existing, and new users.

These changes will not remove the current method of logging in. You may still use your current iLab login if you choose. Both options are presented to users via the new login screenPlease note; you will not be able to login using your UMN ID until March 20th.

IMPORTANT: All UMN ID users will need to setup a second unique password in order to login to instruments at University Imaging Center facilities. Setting up your password is simple and quick. Instructions are included in the PDF instructions listed above.

If you have any questions about the new login, instructions, or setting up your login password for UIC instruments please contact Alex Cramer (, or reach out to any UIC staff.


Cloth Printing comes to Jackson Hall!

Our East Bank Jackson Hall facility has installed a new HP Z6800 printer.

This means cloth printing is now available at Jackson Hall!

In addition to cloth the z6800 gives us twice the print resolution (600 vs 300dpi) as well as dedicated black and grayscale inks for greatly improving the black and grayscale accuracy and quality in printed images.

For more information and a link to submit check out our poster printing page.